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Gunner headed back to Colorado in September of 2006.
You can contact Tawnya about breeding to him at 719 478-3338
or send her an email through the link below.

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 Gunner has been tested at the UC Davis genetic laboratory and is homozygous for the black gene. (E) He will never sire a sorrel/chestnut foal, no matter the color of the mare! Gunner is 12.5% Hollywood Jac 86, 10.55% King (with 16 crosses), and 6.25% Easter King bred. Gunner has extreme dun factor, and may be homozygous for that gene as well. (There is no test as of yet.)  He has a dark dorsal stripe with "feathering", a large dark patch of transverse striping over his withers, extremely bold zebra striping on all his legs, cobwebbing, ear tips, a face mask, frosting on his mane & tail, and mottling on his legs, shoulders and hip. His hooves are hard, with no chips or cracking, he has an attractive head, soft eye, strong short cannons, fabulous muscling & shape and a hip to die for. Thanks so much to Mark & Tawnya for standing Gunner at Double T. Scroll down for his complete pedigree
2006 introductory fee $ 300.00  Mare care $6.00/$7.00

Hollywoods Mr Lucky 4090960 2001 grullo stallion
SIRE side of pedigree Hollywood Jac 86 1967
       0592185 red dun
Easter King 1951
       0040406 sorrel
Jacs Little Pine 1981
       1794304 dun
Miss Hollywood 1947
       0020069 palomino
Miss Doll Pine 1973
       0966068 chestnut
Great Pine 1966
       0410616 sorrel
Mainly Marty 1986
       2459172 grullo
Jinx Lucy Star 1967
       0499408 dun
Mr Joe Glo 1968
       0556944 black
Lucky Joe Five 1956
       0073678 sorrel
Mainly Martha 1980
       1666025 brown
Squaw's Glo 1960
       0135283 dun
Babe Pat Star 1961
       0260512 bay
Pat Star Jr 1953
       0039072 bay
Twinks 1955
       0079608 bay

DAM side of pedigree Top Amigo King 1983
       2022919 brown
Top Brandon 1977
       1277973 gray
Amigo King Star 1991
       2994373 buckskin
Amigo's Suzanne 1968
       0572756 bay
Dixie Rhea Star 1980
       1591830 buckskin
Mr Rochester Star 1973
       0917737 sorrel
Maysdorf Miss Debby 1997
       3582754 grullo
Rhea Mare 26 1972
       0863572 buckskin
Dedics Skippa Doc 1978
       1362118 buckskin
Docs Frosty Buck 1975
       1110368 buckskin
Maysdorf Honey 1982
       1938649 dun
Reeds Skippa Miss 1973
       0941887 buckskin
Schoolmarm 1974
       1032766 dun
Wrangler's Kidd 1959
       0121383 dun
Pool's Starpep 1966
       0493841 buckskin