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Hollywoods Mr Taz Photo taken January 2007

Hollywoods Mr Taz is a beautiful 2000 gelding sired by Maily Marty and out of a Colonel Freckles/Mr Joe Glo mare. He is a well proportioned, correctly built gelding that has a fantastic disposition. He is very willing and easy to get along with. He has been trained extensively in reining, he knows the patterns and is an easy horse to ride. He hasn't been ridden in a little over a year but with a tune-up he could be a real competitor in the arena. NRHA licensed. Scroll down for pedigree. Contact "Connie" at the above link for more info on Taz. Taz is located in Missouri.

Hollywoods Mr Taz 4005945 2000 grullo gelding
SIRE side of pedigree Hollywood Jac 86 1967
       0592185 red dun
Easter King 1951
       0040406 sorrel
Jacs Little Pine 1981
       1794304 dun
Miss Hollywood 1947
       0020069 palomino
Miss Doll Pine 1973
       0966068 chestnut
Great Pine 1966
       0410616 sorrel
Mainly Marty 1986
       2459172 grullo
Jinx Lucy Star 1967
       0499408 dun
Mr Joe Glo 1968
       0556944 black
Lucky Joe Five 1956
       0073678 sorrel
Mainly Martha 1980
       1666025 brown
Squaw's Glo 1960
       0135283 dun
Babe Pat Star 1961
       0260512 bay
Pat Star Jr 1953
       0039072 bay
Twinks 1955
       0079608 bay

DAM side of pedigree Triple Colonel 1984
       2246310 sorrel
Colonel Freckles 1973
       0911585 sorrel
Colonels Dark Glo 1990
       2915281 black
Royal Jodie Bar 1978
       1422796 sorrel
Jolenna Glo 1983
       2276213 black
Mr Joe Glo 1968
       0556944 black
Jakpots Easter Glo 1996
       3521222 red roan
Billie Jo Wolfe 1961
       0171705 black
Jakpots Regal King 1980
       1657654 red roan
Easter 86 Jakpot 1959
       0226071 dun
Miss Easter Bingo 1990
       2951321 red roan
Red Leo's Roanie 1969
       0661385 red roan
Okies Billie Wolfe 1986
       2545515 sorrel
Okies Hard Luck 1976
       1699973 bay
Brick's Miss Iowa 1971
       0831450 sorrel