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Two T Gen Jackson is a 1994 bay stallion. He is an own son of Easter Gentleman, out of an own daughter of Hobby Horse x King Fritz. Jackson Stands at Sundog Quarter Horses in Yoder, CO. (check out our links page to visit Sundog Quarter horses) Scroll down for Jackson's complete pedigree and pedigree notes.


Two T Gen Jackson 3309502 1994 bay stallion
SIRE side of pedigree King 1932
       0000234 bay
      U0081745 n/a
Easter King 1951
       0040406 sorrel
      U0072570 n/a
Gocha H 1947
       0018067 bay
Cuate 1935
       0009190 chestnut
Easter Gentleman 1970
       0754223 gray
Jane by Darity TB
      U0155905 n/a
Grey Badger II 1941
       0002006 gray
Midnight Jr 1937
       0000210 black
Bobbin Badger 1955
       0053774 gray
Grey Annie 1932
       0003502 gray
Buckann 1944
       0007591 grullo
Buck Hancock 1941
       0001479 black
Triangle Lady 4 1931
       0000451 dun

DAM side of pedigree Tinky Poo 1949
       0030339 brown
Wayward Irving 1934
       0017664 brown
Hobby Horse 1960
       0199892 bay
Little Peach 1941
       0004088 black
Beauty Hobler 1945
       0008768 bay
Black Out 1940
       0000899 black
Fritzis Doll 1982
       1968520 bay
Ace of Hearts I 1940
       0005772 bay
King Fritz 1956
       0058532 bay
Power Command 1949
       0028781 sorrel
Fritzi Chex 1975
       1127641 brown
Poco Jane 1948
       0022186 bay
Ottilie 1955
       0055560 brown
Billy Lenart 1948
       0024332 bay
Sandra S 1949
       0019522 sorrel

To quote Brian Wright who wrote in his article, "Straight from the horses mouth- General Jackson" published in the 1999 Midwest Stallion Review,
"For those seeking foundation horses, take a look in the Western Horseman "Legends Books". You will find 9 out of 14 names on Jackson's registration papers (we don't mean his extended pedigree here, but his registration papers showing his first three generations!!) that are mentioned in the "Legends" 1 & 2 books... "General Jackson" brings the strengths of the Easter Gentleman horses and the remarkable King Fritz breeding program to those wishing to breed him. Couple this with the success of the Hobby Horse line, and result is a unique stallion of royal heritage."
He is an own son of Easter Gentleman, and his dam is a direct daughter of Hobby Horse-
His nearly identical 1/2 brother, Two T Pachuco Wimpy, graces the cover of the book, "Reining, The Art of Performance in Horses", by Bob Loomis.


Easter Gentleman sired 83 performing foals of which there were 212 performance winners, earned 458 AQHA performance points, 28 AQHA halter wins, 13 AQHA ROMs, 1 AQHA Grand Championship, 5 AQHA Reserve Grand Championships, 2 AQHA all around champions and 2 AQHA reserve champions. His get have earned $200,313.69 NRHA dollars and won money in NCHA and NRCHA.
Easter Gentleman is one of the highest money earners per get averaging $13,000.00, with one out of three offspring being a champion or money earner.
Hobby Horse was the 1964 high-point working cowhorse stallion, AQHA 1964 open champion, ROM - performance, won $5,613 racing dollars, had a speed index of 100, earned 21 performance wins, 69.5 performance points, 12 AQHA halter wins, 28 AQHA halter points, 1 AQHA championship, 7 AQHA Grand Championships, and 4 reserve AQHA Grand Championships. He sired 344 performance foals who earned $222,736 in racing, earned 2,692 performance wins, 7,021.5 AQHA performance points, 313 AQHA halter wins, 357.5 AQHA halter points, 133 AQHA performance ROMs, 4 AQHA world championships, 2 AQHA  halter superior awards, 31 AQHA performance superior awards, 4 AQHA championships, 5 AQHA reserve world championships, 105 AQHA grand championships, 139 AQHA reserve grand championships, 265 AQHA all around championships, 112 AQHA reserve all around championships and 3 AQHA halter ROMs. In AQHA world championship shows they earned $28,855.93, NCHA $146,280.17, NRHA $79,367.43, NRCHA $33,073.27, NSBA $30,399.77, also PHBA 275 performance points and IBHA 23 performance points.

King Fritz was an AQHA Champion, 1962, ROM Performance earner in 1960, NCHA money-earner, AQHA Halter Point Earner and AQHA Performance Point Earner. King Fritz became one of the great reined cow horse sires on the west coast. His foals read like a Who's Who in the reined cowhorse industry. He sired: World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior, Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring. NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners and Performance Point Earners.
AQHA Offspring Record: Total Points Earned: 3,536.5; Reg Foals: 318; Number Shown: 115; Point Earners: 106; Halter Points Earned: 515; Halter Point Earners: 41; Superior Halter Awards: 1; Performance Points Earned: 3,021.5; Performance Point Earners: 129; Performance ROMS: 66; Superior Performance Awards: 11; AQHA Champions: 13; World Championships: 4; Reserve World Championships: 4; High Point Wins: 4; Total Superior Awards: 12; Total ROMs: 66; NRHA Offspring earned: $4,344; Number of NRHA Offspring: 2; NRHA Offspring Average Earnings: $2,172; AQHA Offspring NCHA earned: $34,313.

Jackson is 23.70% King, 25% Easter King and Hobby Horse and 12.5% King Fritz-bred, a  proven sire,  a finished reiner,  and a wonderful horse to have around.  He's earned money in the NRHA, competed in working cowhorse and is also a finished heel horse.